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Turkey's New EU Strategy

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European Union (EU) accession process has been considered as a modernization project of Turkey in line with the founding

principles of the Republic. We have been consistently and systematically undertaking all efforts to this end. The accession process is important as through the reforms carried out Turkey is reaching highest standards in all fields and enhancing the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens. Accordingly, we are working intensively to carry forward the negotiation process and to increase the effectiveness of the implementation.


Turkey’s accession negotiations were opened on 3 October 2005 with the adoption of the Negotiating Framework by the European Council. The first screening meeting was held on the “Science and Research” chapter on 20 October 2005, while the last one on “Justice and Fundamental Rights” chapter on 13 October 2006. Screening process has been completed in 33 chapters for which the negotiations would be held.

Twelve chapters, one of which was provisionally closed, have been opened so far in the accession negotiations ongoing since 2005. For chapters opened to negotiations, benchmarks need to be fulfilled to close the chapters. Furthermore, opening benchmarks should be fulfilled for those chapters to be opened in the near future.

With the aim of accelerating the accession negotiations and increasing the public awareness and support, the Secretariat General for EU Affairs has prepared a new European Union Strategy on Turkey’s Accession Process. Introducing a comprehensive approach to the negotiation process on the basis of four pillars, the new Strategy has been submitted to the Council of Ministers on 4 January 2010.

The four pillars of the European Union Strategy are as follows:

First Pillar

The first pillar is the ongoing official negotiation process. Opening of chapters at the Intergovernmental Conference on Accession would confirm the consensus among the EU Member States that accession is the final objective in the negotiation process.

First pillar contains:

  1. Activities on the chapters that can be opened to negotiations, preparation of
    negotiation position documents, coordination of institutional activities to eliminate
    existing problems,
  2. Fulfilment of commitments on opened chapters and those in the strategy documents,
  3. Fulfilment of commitments regarding closing benchmarks on chapters that are

For more information you can click here and download the PDF file.